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Parenting Tips: Motivating Kids Through Their Senses

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Motivating Your Child Is Easy


CHILDREN LEARN THROUGH THEIR SENSES. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching are built-in learning gifts. Parents CAN encourage kids to gain knowledge with sense-based compliments. Today, you’ll find several ways to encourage your child’s efforts to expand their intelligence. 

Your Children Feel Great with Loving Touches

Perhaps you want to teach your child kindness. His sense of touch could come alive with a pat on the back, a hug, a kiss, or a hand squeeze. When you notice a caring behavior, you could say something like, “I appreciate how you let your brother play video games with the older kids.” A pat on the back might be the perfect touch.

Your Kids Learn through Tasty Foods and Delicious Smells

Consider promoting your child’s cooking skills. Let’s say she decides to bake chocolate chip cookies. She’ll learn to read recipes and measure ingredients. You could inspire further cooking by saying, “Your cookies taste as good as they smell.” A warm cookie with a glass of milk could further her desire to learn new recipes.

Children Smile When They See Their Work

Refrigerators and kitchen bulletin boards are super places to post their masterpieces. Art work, school work, even a photo of a bed well-made can motivate them to keep on trying. Your comments like, “How did you challenge yourself to write such an interesting report,” encourages them further.

Kids Love to Hear Special Sounds


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Use Her Sense of Sound to Motivate Her


Perhaps your child enjoys baseball and made a difficult catch. Your words like, “How did it feel when you caught the fly and threw it to third base for a double out?” puts her back in those moments when the crowd was cheering. Because of your praise and the crowd’s roars, she’s likely to practice catching and throwing even more.

For more ideas using the senses to motivate your child, go to:

How Parents Motivate Kids Through Their Senses


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