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7 Parenting Tips – How to Raise Motivated Kids + Video

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Turn Your Depressed Kid into a Happy Learner


YOUR DISCOURAGED CHILD MAY BE HOOKED ON NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. If so, you'll hear a hopeless tone with pessimistic words like:

  1. Why should I try?
  2. I’ll never use it.
  3. It’s boring.

What can you do to change her mind? Today’s video helps you turn your child’s dark thinking into bright ideas.

This video encourages your child to change his ‘can’t-do attitude’ into a ‘can-do mindset.’ You’ll be helping him compare the depressing feeling of giving-up to the enthusiastic sense of trying. How? With the 7 meaty discussions you find inside. 

The discussion questions are listed within the video.

You’ll also find 5 self-talk rhymes besides the 3 listed below to keep her joy of learning alive. Positive rhymes that become part of your child’s thinking pattern will help her stay motivated when she repeats them often. They're especially helpful when learning is tough.

  1. I feel my true grit when I lose, I don’t quit.
  2. I’m the guy who loves to try.
  3. Learning’s my style because trying’s worthwhile.

Even if your child doesn’t show signs of discouragement, listen to the video below. You’ll be glad you did.




You can also watch it on YouTube to leave me a comment. I'd love to hear what you think. 

 The Motivated Child – How Parents Raise Can-Do Children


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