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3 Homework Problems between Parents and Kids + Video Solutions


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You Don't Have to Battle over Homework.

PARENTS CAN ADD FUEL TO HOMEWORK DIFFICULTIES. They don’t mean to. But they don’t know what else to do. Parents just want their child to succeed.

How parents might inflame homework battles?

In this one minute parenting video you find 3 ways parents promote schoolwork fights with kids by their:

  • Words
  • Facial expressions
  • Tone of voice

You won’t want these descriptions to describe you. You won’t want your child to be filled with shame, anger at you, or rebellion because of your frustration.

What can a parent do to motivate kids to try?

  1. For privacy use the bathroom mirror.
  2. Take several breaths to calm yourself down.
  3. Decide what you want to say, how you want to look, and your tone of voice.
  4. Rehearse how you will approach the homework problems with your child. 
  5. Consider using the 3 practical suggestions in the video to encourage your child to do his homework.

You CAN be a motivating parent.

Watch this YouTube video now. It only takes a minute.


Find Out How to Solve Homework Battles Now.


Homework Motivation - Parenting Problems and Solutions

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