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DR. SEUSS MOTIVATED KIDS. Parents, by asking children the right questions, you can motivate them too. Knowing the best questions is the subject of this gift.

Imagine your child giving up. You've tried everything to encourage your child. You've even:

  1. Bribed him with expensive rewards.
  2. Lectured her about not getting into college.
  3. Threatened him with punishment.
  4. Ignored her discouragement.
  5. Yelled at him.
  • Bribing might work for a few weeks. But, if bringing their grades up takes a few months, many children will give up. Besides do you really want to be a briber?  If you do, you might have to bribe your kids for everything.  That means only big external rewards will get them to perform. The important internal rewards like satisfaction, curiosity, and excitement could be lost.
  • Lecturing about college and getting a good job, like bribing, doesn't motivate because it's too far into the future.
  • Punishment may make them rebel.
  • Ignoring their discouragement may give them the idea, 'Mom doesn't care so it doesn't matter.'
  • Yelling, like punishment, will probably backfire.

But there are better ways to motivate your child.


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Ask Motivating Questions


Pick up today's handout with its 7 questions. Keep it handy. When your child needs encouragement, choose the best question for that moment.  Be an investigator, listen well, use empathy if appropriate, and be consistent.

To get your gift, go to www.KidsDiscuss.com and enter the word code:


and download your 7 motivating questions.


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