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How Parents Help Kids Love to Learn

How Parents Raise Bright Curious Children - A Video

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Curious Kids Love to Learn

PARENTING A CURIOUS CHILD IS A SOURCE OF JOY. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th United States President, had severe asthma. He couldn't run and play with other kids. One day while watching the children, some nearby bugs caught his eye. He used his observations to write his first of 35 books. He was nine years old. Theodore was a curious child. Sickness couldn't stop his desire to learn. His intellect  a source of joy for his parents, was never dull.

Curious children are fascinated by the world around them. But some kids lack interests. They say, "I'm bored," and expect others to entertain them. Parents can get trapped into suggesting multiple activities. All of which are rejected. How can parents turn a bored kid into a curious child?

In today's video we'll share 9 questions like:

  • What does boredom feel like?
  • How could a kid stop boredom?
  • What would you like to know more about?

We hope your child doesn't like being bored and has overcome it at some time. The other questions pursue possible interests, wonder, losing track of time because of curiosity, etc.

This video also shares self-talk rhymes to inspire curiosity and a poem about a boring boy, "The Uncurious Kid", who lacked interests until he followed his mom's advice.

 How Parents Raise Smart Curious Kids




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