How Parents Raise Bright Curious Children - A Video
10 Parenting Tips for Raising Curious Thinkers - A Gift

How Parents Help Kids Love to Learn

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Parents Can Promote Curiosity in Kids


How do we keep the wonderful curiosity that crawling babies possess alive?

They creep toward toys, put objects in their mouths, pull on mom’s earrings. Everything is interesting to them. But they can lose it.

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Babies Explore with Delight



I remember a frustrated second grade teacher asking me to observe 3 of her students. None of them would try. "I don’t know," was their only answer to the easiest of questions. I knew something had happened between infancy and childhood because their curiosity spark had died. Parents, don’t let this happen to your children. There are solutions.

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Find Out How to Get Kids Excited about Learning Again


In this article you’ll find how to keep your child’s enthusiasm alive with:

  1. 10 questions that encourage a passion for seeking answers.
  2. 10 ways to promote learning and 7 ways to block interest.
  3. 9 self-talk mottoes to increase your child’s wonder.
  4. 1 poem, ‘The Uncurious Kid’ who changed his life using Google



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    Curious Kids Want to Learn


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