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How Parents Deal with Childhood Boredom - 10 Ways

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Helping Bored Kids Become Interested Children


BUILDING KIDS’ INTERESTS STARTS WITH ASKING THE QUESTIONS THEY LOVE TO ANSWER. Good questions create a bond between you and your child. With these questions you’ll find out:

  • How they feel about boredom
  • What blocks their curiosity
  • What they’d really like to learn
  • What fills them with wonder
  • How you can help them satisfy their curiosity


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Curious Kids Have More Fun


After you hear the answers to the 10 discussions, You’ll know what fascinates your children. This helps them overcome boredom. You can then support and nurture their quest for knowledge by:

  • Suggesting they ‘Google’ the information they seek
  • Taking them to the library
  • Asking about and listening to their research
  • Praising their efforts to learn more
  • Suggesting they share their knowledge with grandparents and friends.
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"I Love Discussing My Interests."


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