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How to Turn Your Frustrated Child into a Curious Learner

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As a high school kid and loaded with homework, I remember asking my dad, an accountant, for help with algebra. It felt like torture waiting for him to study it first. Oftentimes, he just didn’t know. I learned to quit asking.

I don’t remember any praise, encouragement, or fun discussions about my studies. Instead school felt more like a heavy burden than an interesting experience. Dinner, car rides or bedtime would have been great times for such chats.

You don’t need to miss enjoyable talks with your child.

My one minute YouTube video offers 10 ways to engage your child’s curiosity and promote a  real love for learning.

Watch this video now and get the tips you need by copying the transcript below the video on YouTube at

https://youtu.be/qHkZtvQkQhw or watch it below:


Ten Ways to Boost Curious Thinkers



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The Curious Child – How Parents Raise Kids Who Love to Learn


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