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Keeping Your Love Alive – 10 Keys for Parents

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How Parents Become Loving Couples


CHILDREN WANT THEIR PARENTS TO LOVE EACH OTHER. Parents want the same. But what stops some couples? Here are some possibilities:

  1. Busyness
  2. Distractions
  3. Communication Problems
  4. Disrespect
  5. Money Issues
  6. Lack of Time
  7. Fighting
  8. Stubbornness
  9. Jealously

Should any of the above affect your marriage, things can get better. The 10 keys to a loving marriage come from a unique marriage counselor who thought outside the box.

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Unlocking the Heart to Your


Some of them surprised me even though they made perfect sense. They came from a era when many women were stay-at-home moms. Perhaps the advice about child care might intrigue you. 

There are suggestions about criticism, decision making, money, compromising situations with the opposite sex, physical affection, and more.

I hope you will find the 10 keys practical, modern, and needed today.

Choose the ones you like. Increase those suggestions in your daily relationship. Then see if, they unlock a happier love life for you and your spouse.

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You CAN Create a Loving Marriage 


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