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Permissive Parenting – 3 Ways to Recapture Your Parental Authority

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When Permissive Parents Bribe, Kids Are The Boss


Permissiveness, parenting without structure and guidance, and over-negotiating rules and chores hurt your authority. Your kids are injured too. 

How Permissive Parents Harm Kids

  1. Without parental structure and direction, your kids won’t know the path to a successful life. They may follow a destructive trail and hurt themselves instead.
  2. Without parental supervision about right and wrong expect your kids to experience trouble and pain.
  3. Without responsible chores they will lack the life skills for future know-how and self-care.

How to Overcome Permissive Parenting and Take Back Your Authority

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Bribing Doesn't Work. Your Mind Power Does.


  1. Visualize yourself as a kind and firm parent with your child. (See your child not yourself.)
  2. Feel what it's like to be a kind and firm parent.
  3. Tell yourself, “I am kind and firm with my child.”

Put all 3 into one magic moment so that you see, feel, and say them all at once.

Do this before you fall asleep at night and before you rise each morning. Do this for 21 days. If you do, you’ll regain your authority and become the parent you need to be. Make it a habit.

This Kind but Firm Video Helps You Be the Authority and Your Kids Do Their Chores:


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