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Locked-Down Parents with Tattletale Kids - Here's Help

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Is your tattletale kid driving you crazy? Do you know why your child tattles? Today, we will share 4 big reasons kids snitch, 3 important questions to ask, and simple ways to stop the tattling and keep your sanity.

Some Reasons for Tattling Behavior:

  1. Attention
  2. Power
  3. Revenge
  4. Pity

Kids tattle on brothers and sisters because they want your attention and approval. Some children want power over a younger child. Others want to get back at a sibling. Younger kids want your pity and hugs. They all want you to take their side. 

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When They Tattle, What Will You Do?


Advice and Answers: What Parents Need to Teach Kids Who Tattle

Children need to know the difference between helping and hurting. Helping siblings who have a serious problem or are in danger needs a parent’s attention. It is not tattling when kids tell parents about danger.

Tattling hurts because its goal is to get a sister or brother in trouble. Tattling prompts parents to yell in frustration. When that happens, the tattling problem does not get solved and bad feelings linger within the family.

Teaching kids to help their siblings and not hurt them has tons of benefits. Children learn to play well together. Laughter and cooperation grow. The family atmosphere is pleasant.

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Find out the 3 important questions parents must ask themselves and 4 typical examples of kids tattling with simple ways to solve each situation.

How Parents Stop Kids from Tattling on 'Sibs.'  

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Are You Tattling to Help or Hurt?


Read Now:  How Parents Stop Kids from Tattling on 'Sibs.'  


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