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6 Parenting Tips that Prepare Kids to Be Smarter in School

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How Parents Can Motivate Kids with Good Questions


It’s not difficult to raise smarter children. But many parents use the wrong tactics. They don’t know praising kids for goods grades and criticizing them for poor grades can backfire.


Why Praise and Criticism Often Fail

Research says many kids want praise so much that they limit themselves to easier tasks. Why? Because they know they’ll succeed. It’s not the way to expand their brain power.

Criticizing kids for poor grades can increase their low self-esteem, fire up their resentment, and convince them to give up.

Kids need to know that their brains grow with deeper thinking, solving problems, studying well. Don’t let them think, “I can’t get it. I’m not smart.”

Smarter Kids Mom and Son
"You challenged yourself and figured it out!"



How Parents Can Prepare Kids for School

Want to increase your child’s brain power? Today's slide share includes 6 smart attitudes to promote, 6 smart questions to ask, and 6 slogans for motivating kids.

Praising kids for good grades is not as effective as asking the right questions to increase your child’s love of learning. When your children feel good about their thinking skills, see learning as a positive challenge, and develop a determination to keep trying, their brains grow. Use these simple fun solutions for promoting smart brains in your children.

One more thing, these questions can be used for kids sports, music lessons, chores and more.


Smart Black Child
"I solved a hard problem and my brain got smarter!"


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Brain Power for Kids: 6 Powerful Parenting Tips


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