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Disorganized Kids Need Routines


A disorganized child lacks the inner self-discipline needed for solid learning. A youngster who lives in a chaotic home may feel scattered and have trouble focusing. A daily routine at home can help.

Attention Span – The Boy Who Couldn’t Concentrate

Years before I became a child and family counselor, I taught school. Ricky sat in the back of my second grade class of fifty students. He played with toys, teased kids near him, and day-dreamed. My efforts in the classroom were not enough to focus him. The school lacked important resources like counseling.

In addition, Ricky came from a chaotic home. Breakfast, dinner, family time, chores and a set time for homework didn’t exist. Ricky fended for himself.

His mother said, “I’m tired of mothering.” Ricky was the youngest of several children.

Ricky’s noisy home-life needed a daily schedule because children succeed best with predictable routines. Without them, kids often feel insecure, uncertain, and mentally scattered. 

Disorganized Children - How to Develop a Homework Routine

Help your child focus and succeed in school. You’ll find lot’s of ideas including parenting guidelines for rewards, consequences, and even a contract to help your child become more organized and successful. It's a FREE  slide share. Just click on each slide.


How Parents Help Disorganized Kids Focus and Succeed

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Organized Kids Focus and Succeed


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