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How Parents Raise Honest Children

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The Truth Sets Kids Free


Who can you trust? Who's telling the truth? Today the truth is hard to know.

You want your child to be honest, but how? 

First, go back to your childhood. Remember a time when you told a lie and felt guilty. Were you plagued by regret and fear? Did you worry that you'd be found out and get punished?

Lies can torment your child too.

I remember those feelings. I didn't know how to face up to what I'd done. This article will help you teach your child how to tell the truth and avoid guilt.

You CAN Help Your Child Choose Truth Over Guilt.

Today's article shares:

  • 8 painful results from lying
  • 7 positive effects for being truthful
  • 6 honesty strategies
  • 5 moral dilemmas to discuss
  • 10 self-talk rhymes to repeat

Feel free to choose the ones that are most helpful.



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You Can Help Your Child Choose Honesty.


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The Honest Child - 35 Parenting Tips Teach Truthfulness


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