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Worried Parents, Lonesome Children, The Virus and Hope

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How Families Conquer Loneliness and Create Hope


Like a ghost, the unseen virus threatens everyone. It isolates kids from their friends. Parents sense the deep loneliness invading their children. They feel it too.

The news exposes violence in the streets. Riots divide us. Can anything bring all peoples together when the pandemic is over?

Today’s post shouts, “Yes!”

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How Families Connect


In a simple video you will find a cure for loneliness, disconnectedness, and hatred. You’ll find how:

  1. Parents can influence children.
  2. Adults can expand their comfort zones.
  3. Individuals can overcome loneliness.
  4. People can learn to connect.
  5. Everyone can belong.

The solutions within this video are different. They are not one-sided. Everyone is responsible and it’s easy. It comes down to one word and it doesn’t start with “L.”

Hope: Families Brainstorm Specific Plans

We are about to conquer the virus. Vaccines are multiplying. Hope is in the air. It’s time to plan.

Let this 3 minute  video help you. Then brainstorm what you and your family can do. Start making specific plans and when the time comes, enjoy making friends.

Watch now:



Everyone Can Belong 


5 Ways Diverse Families Become Friends


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