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 Good Questions Help Kids Think


Parents, positive attitudes about people differences begin with you. Because what you think transfers to your children. What they think will continue down the family line. You can expand your children's attitudes now.

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It's natural for kids to think mostly about


Today, I’ll share 7 simple questions to ask your kids. They will think about ways to connect, help, and have fun with children of other racial and ethnic backgrounds.

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These questions will help your children step outside themselves and consider others. It is hoped they will come up with friendly solutions that help their classmates feel the warm sense of belonging.

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When kids belong, they feel good.


Because Loneliness Hurts.

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And Friendliness Works.

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Soon school will open. This is the perfect time to prepare your child to connect, help, and make fun friendships.

The 7 questions are waiting for you. Ask them at the dinner table, in the car, or at bedtime. Ask one question per week. Enjoy this precious time with your children.

7 Diversity Questions

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