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How Children Turn Out-of-Control Feelings into Calm Emotions

Emotional Kids
The Emotion Scale Works


Parenting kids with out-of-control emotions is difficult. If you’re frazzled and your emotions flare up, I have a solution for you and your children. 

Girls Fighting Best
Out-of-Control Tempers


Before I tell you more, here are 3 questions:

  1. Are you shouting at one another and feeling shame?
  2. Are you or your children sad or depressed?
  3. Are you anxious that your family will get the COVID-19 virus?

Did you answer “Yes” to any of the questions? If so, this slide share is just what you need. I suggest you practice it and experience how it works. Then teach it to your children.

Boy meditation 703
How the Emotion Scale Works


No one knows when the pandemic will end. This makes some people jumpy and anxious. Others are yearning to see family members. Many want our governors to open-up our schools. Children long to see their teachers and friends. Parents need to work, afford food, and pay rent.  Not knowing leads us to out-of-control feelings.

Emotions Scale 624
Make It a Habit!


With this simple parenting tool, quickly turn overwhelming emotions like, rage, anxiety, depression, and shame into more peaceful feelings. Use this Emotion Scale to decrease emotional stress and increase family harmony.

Get the Emotion Scale here:

The Emotion Scale



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