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Goals - 2 Ways Kids Create Winning Feelings

How Kids Visualize Pictures and Achieve Goals

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How to Help Your Child Reach Goals

Goal setting with pictures fit together like fun and laughter. Both end with feelings of joy and contentment. Yet many grown-ups don’t experience this. They fail to turn their dreams into goals. Don’t let this become your child’s fate. Childhood is the best time to teach your child the tools for setting goals.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” - Anthony Robbins

The Parenting Tip – How to Picture the Goal:

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To make her goal visible, teach your child to mentally picture what she sees as she looks outward from herself. Tell her to do this mental picturing as if she is accomplishing her goal right now. Let’s examine this parenting tip further.

The Parenting Strategy – An Example for Picturing the Goal:

If your Katie wants to learn how to dive, pretend you are sharing this conversation:

"Katie, what would you see before you dive off the diving board?"


"I'd see my feet and the water."

"What if you tucked your head in toward your body?"

Diving Girl
Katie Sees Her Feet and the Water.


"I'd see the water and my feet on the edge of the diving board."

"Picture the water and picture your feet on...

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