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Goal-Setting - How Parents Teach Kids Successful Attitudes

How Kids Create School Goals with Mojo

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 Mojo Mindsets Helps Kids Succeed

Achieving goals is easy when your child creates a mojo mindset. Just be sure his goals are realistic. 

Tell Your Child:

Pick one goal like –

  • I am getting a good grade on my next math test.
  • I am giving my book report with confidence.
  • I am making a friend at school.

Clear your mind and relax with 5 deep breaths.

  1. See clearly by looking outward at your goal not at yourself.
  2. Sense it with a strong feeling like focusing, confidence, friendliness etc.
  3. Say it starting with the words, “I am… as if you already have it.

   Mojo 4

  1. Put the picture, the feeling, and the words all together in one magic moment.
  2. Do this before getting out of bed each morning and before falling asleep at night.
  3. Take the action to make it happen like studying, practicing your book report, smiling and saying “Hi!”

Enjoy using this mojo mindset to help your child achieve his goals. You can use it too.

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