How Kids Create School Goals with Mojo
How Children Learn Goal-Setting with Positive Self-Talk

Goal-Setting - How Parents Teach Kids Successful Attitudes

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Is this what you want your child to yell?
"I can't set goals!"

Parents, give up resolutions! They don’t work because something is missing. Neither you nor your children can reach your goals without it. Today, I will:

  1. Show why resolutions are broken.
  2. Apply what a great leader understood.
  3. Share a 4 minute video showing you and your children the way to achieve goals.

It’s not that you don’t want to achieve your goals or that you’re not strong enough to make them happen.

5 Reasons Resolutions Are Broken:

  1. Losing interest in the goal.
  2. Forgetting about the resolution.
  3. Breaking the goal once and then giving up.
  4. Breaking it for a good reason.
  5. Breaking it at a party or because of a teasing friend.

William James, (1842-1910), the founder of American Psychology, stated:

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”


William James 700
William James, 1842-1910

A good resolution includes altering attitudes. Positive attitudes are the foundation for good resolutions. They include clear vision, emotions and the words that describe them.

For example, envision these attitudes:

  1. To embrace exercise rather than dread it -

“I am exercising with vim and vigor.”

  1. To choose healthy foods over unhealthy foods -

“I am eating delicious fruits and vegetables.”

  1. To focus on math rather than give up -

“I am seeing how to problem solve and multiplying with ease.”

  1. To become outgoing rather than shy -

“I am smiling and acting friendly at school.”

  1. To choose patience over impatience -

 “I am looking at my child with loving eyes.”


Mother and Daughter
Resolution: "I am looking at my child with loving eyes."


William James also said:

“It’s our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task that will determine its success.”

Resolutions can be challenging tasks. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need them to improve our lives. Attitudes are the missing piece at the beginning of solid resolutions.

Don’t give up resolutions! They can work.

Today’s simple method gives you and your children an effective way to develop the attitudes to make your goals come true.

Watch this video now:

How Parents Teach Children to Set Smart Goals

Parents CAN Teach Children to Set Goals


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