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How Children Learn Goal-Setting with Positive Self-Talk

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Children CAN learn to control their self-talk.

Lou Tice, speaker, motivator and founder of the Pacific Institute, taught the 3 parts in goal-setting. He said that good goal-setting starts with the thought, then the picture, and then the emotions that go with them. When we put them altogether, they become our self-talk. He said  "Control your self-talk and you control your life."

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Speaker and

Many years ago, I viewed a film in which he taught goal-setting. Immediately, I saw its value. I knew I could teach this technique to adults and children in my counseling practice. The following is an example:

Frustrated boy SMALL
I can't.

Fearful Negative Self-Talk

  1. The thought - “I can’t give my book report in front of the class.”
  2. The picture – the class is making fun of me.
  3. The emotion - fear

When we say, see, and sense it altogether and keep recycling it, it becomes our painful reality. As Lou Tice said, “We move toward our pictures (the pictures in our head).

We don’t have to think negatively. We can control our lives with positive self-talk. We can teach our children to set goals with positive self-talk too. But how? I'll show you soon.

Brave Positive Self-Talk

  1. The thought - “I am giving my book report with confidence.” (Use “I am” as if it is happening now.)
  2. The picture – The class is listening and smiling. (Look at what you would see, not yourself – see your class.)
  3. The emotion - confidence.
  4. Finally, put the positive thought, picture and emotion all together in one moment and do it each morning and night. This is the way to set goals, be successful and create a happier life.

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We can control our destiny by controlling our self-talk. Let’s instruct our minds to create positive pictures with positive self-talk using this simple method.

This video shows you how:




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