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Bullying - Stop Your Child from Being Bullied!

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You Can Help Your Bullied Child


The Bullied Child - How Parents Can Help

Bullying is a big deal. When a bullied child fills his mind with revenge, bad things can happen.

Or he thinks thoughts like:

  1. Nobody likes me.
  2. I’m so ugly.
  3. I’m stupid.

His mind recycles many painful thoughts. He may turn his pain into self-shame.

In this post, I will share how a parent of elementary age children can counsel their bullied child with ideas that work.

How Your Bullied Child Is a Big Deal for the You

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Raising a Bullied Child Hurts You Too


Imagine your child, Samuel, hates school. You talk to his teacher. She says, “Your child is being bullied and he has no friends.”

You learn what kids yell at him and it breaks your heart because the name-calling happens over and over.

Now Sam avoids eye contact. He doesn’t talk. He stays alone in his room. Lately, he pouts, grunts his answers, and often cries. His behavior hurts you because you love him so much.

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Parents Comforting Bullied Son

What can you do?

  1. Go to him. Hug and hold him gently. Say, “I know something is wrong.”
  2. Tell Sam what you’ve noticed about his behavior that tells you he’s unhappy.
  3. Ask him, “What’s going on, Sam?”

The Pillow Punching Technique

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Teach the Pillow Punching Technique


If Sam cries or just grunts say, “Here’s a way to let your feelings out. Take this pillow. Punch it as hard as you can. Do it over and over until you feel better. I’ll be here if you need me.”

When Sam’s done ask, “What was that all about?”

Listen without interruption. When he stops talking say, “Tell me more.”

The Stress Drawing Technique

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Guide with the Stress Drawing Technique


The painful picture:

Tell Sam to draw a picture of his feelings. The picture could be dark scribbles, a stick picture of himself, or something else. Say, “Tell me about your picture.”

Appreciate what your child told you. Say, “Thank you for sharing your pain with me.

The positive picture

Ask Sam to:

  1. “Draw a picture of how you would like things to be.”
  2. “Brainstorm 3 good ideas to try for making your positive picture come true.”

The Bullying Plan

Because bullying is a big deal, include your child in the plan. Make sure he will cooperate. Tell him, “No one deserves to be bullied and that means you.” Here's How:

Make a Bullying Plan with Your Child  - Read How

In this article you'll also find important tips to help your bullied child make friends.


Watch this short video together. 

Bullying – How Parents Help Kids Choose Kindness 


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