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Conversation starters are perfect for vacations. Children get to speak, and you get to hear what they really think. Your kids get to hear what you think too.

Boy watch time
"One, Two, Three -GO!"


Time how long each person speaks. One minute is good for starters. 

Rule: No interrupting!

The first speaker picks his conversation from an envelope (see below). No peeking!


Boy 800
This child is thinking before he speaks.



The timer starts only when the speaker starts. When the speaker is finished, the group may ask him questions or give their opinions.

He then chooses the next person to speak. (Make sure everyone has a turn.)



This girl is visualizing her answer first.


If a member wants their turn to be a previous person’s topic, time them for one minute. Then that person picks the next speaker.


Mom is thinking whether to answer this question or the
previous one.


Note. The group can use the same conversation opener for everyone. Otherwise, each member can pick their own conversation. .


Dad is smiling as he thinks.


Put the Conversation Starters in an envelope, purse, or backpack. Make them easy to find.

Whether you're going on a trip, a car ride, or a fun night at home, use these conversation openers. They're a great way to feel warm and cozy as a family. Remember, if f your having fun, your doing it right.

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