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"Positive Thinking Works Wonders"


Norman Vincent Peale wrote the Power of Positive Thinking. This short parenting article and video share how positive thinking leads to positive action.

Children can use positive actions to make friends. They can become friendly. Friendly children are a delight to know. They see the good in others and tell them. Because they are positive and friendly, they are magnets.

Friendly children give peers what they want: sincere attention, appreciation, and compliments. These positive actions boost the receiver’s spirit. Friendships may be the result. Norman Vincent Peale was right, “Positive thinking works wonders.”

Here's How It Works – 

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Be Positive! Be Friendly!


Your Child:

  1. Rejects fault-finding and criticism.
  2. Looks for the honest good in others.
  3. Doesn’t keep it to themselves.
  4. Praises the other.
  5. Makes friends.

How to Encourage Your Student to Find the Good in a Classmate.

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Discuss and Encourage Honest Praise.


  1. Pick a classmate to praise.
  2. Discuss different genuine compliments to give.
  3. Tell your child, “Share the compliment.”
  4. “Come home and tell me what happened.”
  5. Praise your child and ask, “Who do you want to compliment next?” Repeat the process.

How Parents Can Teach Kids an Unfriendly Attitude 

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Looking for the Worst in Others


  1. Look critical. Be critical.
  2. Search for the worst in others.
  3. Gossip about it.
  4. Feel superior to your victim.
  5. Lose your kids' trust to confide in you because you might tell others.

Looking for the worst in others and broadcasting it to people is gossiping. Gossip is bad for our minds. It creates adverse pathways in our brains. Our attitudes turn sour. Dissatisfaction and gloominess can result.

Proving Norman Vincent Peale Right

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Look for the Good - So Easy!


Looking for the best in others and telling them specifically is a loving act. Honest complimenting is good for our minds. It creates positive pathways in our brains. Our attitudes blossom. Satisfaction and happiness can result. Positive thinking does work wonders.

Be your child's role model. Teach her to find the good in others. It's powerful and will make her world a happier place.


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