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How This Connected Dad Gets Cooperation and Love

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How Your 'Listening Eyes' Connect You with Your Child.


The Parent-Child Bond - A New Revolutionary Approach:

Have you ever found yourself misunderstanding your child, especially when busy? I know I have, and it can be upsetting for children and parents. But there's a new way of thinking and I’ll share it with you today. I call it 'Listening Eyes.'

Words are just one part of the parent-child connection. Here’s the new approach:

Open your 'listening eyes' to notice your child's body language. You'll get a sense of what he's experiencing, thinking, and feeling. It’s a great way for you to enter into a deeper connection.

Today, I will share:

  • 3 essential ways to 'Listen with Your Eyes,' using Michael's story.
  • 3 benefits when you use this approach.
  • 3 fun family activities to practice.

If you're ready to revolutionize your parenting from focusing on busy work to connecting with your child, keep reading.

3 Essential Actions for Your 'Listening Eyes': 

Angry Boy Face
'Listening Eyes' Notice His Body


  1. Observe your child's facial expressions, posture, mood, tears, smiles, and more.
  2. Put down what you're doing and make eye contact.
  3. Invite your child to share his feelings and show him understanding.

Michael's Story

Michael’s story is an example of how 'Listening Eyes' can help you.

Imagine your nine-year-old son, Michael, sitting on the sofa. You see his crossed arms, his tight lips, and his stiff posture.

You're busy paying bills at the dining room table. You wonder, ‘What’s bugging him?’ You say, "Michael, come here. Let's talk."  You put your arm around him and ask, "What happened, Michael?"

You remember the 70%Law. You listen 70% of the time and speak only 30%. As Michael tells you what happened, you listen attentively. When he finishes, you might do some of these things:

  1. Ask questions to understand Michael better.
  2. Repeat his main points.
  3. Ask Michael if he has a solution.
  4. Give him a suggestion if he's open.
  5. Say, "Thank you for telling me, Michael." 

 Michael’s arms unfold. He breathes evenly, smiles, and says, "Can I help you wash the car today?" You end with a big hug.

Grasping Son SMALL
Your 'Listening Eyes' Started a Deeper Connection.


Can you see how your ‘listening eyes’ helped you give Michael the support he needed? Can you feel how your connection strengthened too?

How Listening Eyes See the Bigger Picture

Are you wondering, "Did I go too far into Michael's personal space? Don’t worry. You aren’t mind-reading or invading Michael’s inner world. Observing his body language and inviting him to talk is a kind act. Michael tells you what he wants you to know. When you listen with your eyes, Michael shows you the bigger picture. 

'Listening Eyes' Offer 3 Communication Benefits: 

  1. Closer Connections: When you truly engage and your child knows you care, trust grows.
  2. Deeper Empathy: When you sense your child's feelings, closeness grows.
  3. Better Understanding: When you see what's behind your child's behavior, your loving influence can grow.

3 Fun Family Activities to Practice "Listening with Your Eyes":

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'Listening Eyes' Bring Families Together.
  1. Play "I Spy" by describing an object's different qualities like color, pattern, outline, trim, and material. Pause and ask after each quality, "Who can guess what I see?” This will sharpen how each member's eyes can visualize.
  2.  Take turns acting out a story without words. Use gestures, facial expressions, and actions of the characters. Find out how others interpreted your story.
  3. Watch a TV ad without sound. Take turns guessing what the actors are saying.

Remember, 'Listening Eyes' are an essential key to better communication. They lessen misunderstandings and increase awareness of your child's inner world and emotions. They create an unbeatable bond of trust and love. The next time your child comes to you, use your 'listening eyes' and make that loving connection.

Make 'Listening' a priority in your family. Listening Works!

Video - Short Clip - 1.11 minutes 

Sometimes pictures do speak 1,000 words. What do you think?

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With warm wishes, 

Jean Tracy

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