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How to Concentrate, Focus, and Achieve

Is homework time turning into a daily battle with your child? It's not a clash between you and your child; rather, it's an internal struggle within their mind to concentrate. We understand the challenges of maintaining focus, and that's why we're here to share two effective strategies with you.

Imagine your child, let's call him Jonas, eagerly yearning for video game adventures while his homework languishes in his backpack. Here's what you can do:

The Homework Station:

Create a designated homework haven away from tech distractions.

  1. Organize supplies within easy reach - computer, paper, pencils, and pens.
  2. Be nearby to offer support and guidance.
  3. Set a consistent homework time each day.

Concentration Technique - The Tent and The Torch:

Assist Jonas in crafting a positive affirmation to combat distractions. For instance: "My torch is in hand. Let my mind expand." or "First homework, then my video game." Then, guide him through this visualization:

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First Homework, Then Video Games


  1. Close his eyes.
  2. Envision the study space as a protective tent, illuminated by a small flashlight (the torch).
  3. Direct the torch's focus onto the homework.
  4. Prioritize tasks and re-visualize when distractions arise.
  5. Recite the affirmation to dispel disruptions.

Practice this technique together daily until Jonas internalizes it. The Tent and The Torch not only enhances concentration but instills valuable self-discipline, paving the way for future success.

The Focusing Technique - The Puzzle List

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Now, imagine your daughter, Maria, who despises homework even more than Jonas but adores her cell phone. Here's a tailored approach:

  1. Discuss homework as a puzzle with a list of tasks.
  2. Guide her in creating a puzzle list for her essay, breaking it down into manageable pieces.
  3. When tempted by her phone, encourage Maria to touch the part of the puzzle list she's working on and recite her chosen affirmation.

4 Sample Affirmations:

  • First homework, then my cell phone.
  • My phone I resist. I'll work on my list.
  • My homework’s in hand. Let my mind expand.
  • I am diving right in. Let the learning begin.

Conclusion for 2 Concentration Techniques:

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Her Well-Deserved Reward


Both Jonas and Maria are on a journey of self-discipline, the cornerstone of success. Jonas's Tent and Torch shield him from distractions, while Maria's Puzzle List keeps her on track. After completing their homework, both can enjoy well-deserved rewards—Jonas with a video game and Maria with her cell phone.

Learning to concentrate is a lifelong gift. By guiding your children to develop this skill, you set the foundation for their future success. Start today!

Puzzle Time:

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Tongue Twisters for your family to say 5 times as quickly as possible:

  1. Kids with grit get a kick out-witting clever quirky homework.
  2. Cleverly crafted assignments create capable, confident kids.
  3. Happy homework helpers help heroes here at home.
  4. Homework habits help me show that I make my skills grow.
  5. Sunny students seek success through their steady homework.


 Short Video Reinforcer: How Parents Motivate Children's Brain Power (just 1 minute, 13 seconds)



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