Warning: Don't Use 2 of These 5 Parenting Tips with Bullies

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Parenting Tip: Sing about Bullies

Learn how 2 poor parenting tips and 3 better tips help your kids overcome bullies. Dr. MacMannis, our guest blogger, is a child psychologist, school consultant, lecturer, and award-winning songwriter. He creates songs and activities for social and emotional learning. Let's find out his advice on how to deal with bullies.  

Tips for Kids When Dealing with Bullies

2 Poor Ways to Deal with Bullies:

First poor way ~ act aggressively back, which is just what some bullies want.

Second poor way ~ be passive and go along with what the bully says.

3 Better Parenting Tips for Handling Bullies:

First better way ~ Bullies are also less likely to pick on kids when they are with other friends.

Second better way ~ It can help to stand up to the bully (or bullies) and say, “Cut it out!” Then walk away, or tell an adult.

Third better way ~ An excellent means of learning these skills is to listen to the award-winning song “Bye, Bye Bully”, from Ready to Rock Kids. Your child will soon be singing in full chorus:

Bye,Bye Bully Song:

“Hey you, cut it out.
And if you can’t, you’ll be without me
‘Cause I’ll walk away with my head up high
And say, by the way, goodbye.

Bye, bye bully…
Names will never hurt me, no matter what you say.
I’ll tell the teacher that it’s not okay
I’ll just ignore you, no matter what you say.
A bully’s just unhappy, and havin’ a bad day. Poor bully.”

Hearing this song a number of times has a profound affect on children’s levels of confidence. It gives them tools to become empowered and show the bully that what they're doing is not okay.


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