The Family Meeting ~ Kids Discuss Why Bragging Loses Friends
The Family Meeting – How to Help Your Kids Discuss Friendships

Family Values ~ How to Help Kids Discuss Why Lying Is Wrong

If your kid tells lies, use the family meeting. It’s painful to learn that your kids lie to you, friends, and teachers. Look inside to find out how the family meeting can turn fibbers into honest children.

Always tell the truth. That way, you don't have to remember what you said. – Mark Twain

The Family Meeting

Have a story and some handy discussion questions ready to help your kids share their opinions about lying. Consider the following:

Let’s pretend you just told your mom that your little brother lost your homework. She’s scolding your brother and he’s crying. The truth is you never did your homework.

Will you tell the truth? Why or why not?

Why do you think kids lie?

Do you care if someone lies to you? Why?

How can you tell if a friend is lying?

How would you tell a friend he’s lying? Role-play it.

Why is being honest better than lying even when you know you’ll get into trouble?

Help your kids discuss why lying is wrong. Use short stories and good questions. You’ll find the family meeting to be the perfect place to teach them honesty.

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