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Many parents put their little girls in beauty pageants. How about you? Would you put your daughter in these contests?

Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein opened my eyes as she discussed little girl beauty pageants. The huge cost for parents and for their daughters disturbed me.

I interviewed 12-year-old Daniella to find out her opinion of parents who spend thousands in the hopes their daughters become winners in princess pageants.

 Girl Pageant finger        This is a picture of a 7-year-old beauty.

Here are Daniela's 5 answers to this stem: If I were a mom I would: 

  1. I would not put my daughter in beauty contests because it puts too much pressure on little girls. It's abuse because most of them don't want to do it. They'd rather play.

 2. I would let my little girls do fun things without pressure like gymnastics, ice skating, art work, fun library reading, play outside games like tag and hide `n seek, play board games. I wouldn't have them focus on their looks.

3. I wouldn't stress them about looking and acting "perfect" for beauty pageants. It's not good for anybody and especially little girls.

4. I wouldn't want to teach little girls that the most important thing in life is being beautiful. That is so shallow.

5. I wouldn't want little girls to think that to please their parents they must win beauty contests. It's such a bad message. Besides all of them will lose except one little girl. That means most of them could think they're losers.

Response from Jean:

I left the interview thanking Daniella for being my guest blogger. She's only 12 yet she hit on 5 great thoughts for moms who are thinking about putting their daughters in princess pageants.

I'm also thankful to Peggy Orenstein for her valuable book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter. You can pick it up at Amazon.

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