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Building character in kids and turning them into optimistic children  is the mission of our parenting expert, Mary Romero. Mary is a life coach and a juvenile corrections officer. Let's find out how she turns kids from negative attitudes to positive thinkers.

Is the Glass Half Full or Empty?

When we think of optimism, we naturally go to the example of the 'glass half full, glass half empty' but, with children, this concept isn't exactly the best way to deal with a pessimist or one whose world has mostly been made up of negativity.

The Role of Praise Builds Character

It is important as parents and as an adult in any capacity in a child’s life to praise and appreciate every accomplishment a child makes, both big and small.

Where's the Silver Lining?

It is also important to address the defeats that a child has to find the 'silver lining' and what they can learn from the experience so that they realize every situation can be a win-win.

Do Report Cards Really Measure a Child's Worth?

To some children, coming home with a report card containing all A's and one B is a life altering experience and tells them they are 'no good' or, 'stupid'. While, we all realize this is not true, what is important is what the child thinks.

What should first be pointed out is the fact that there IS only one B! Also, that that one B may have hinged on one or two points, they have all A's in all other classes, a B does not stand for 'bad', they have an opportunity to raise it, and, most importantly, mom and dad do not judge Johnny or Suzy on their grades!

Can Optimistic Kids Make Mistakes?

The other important factor is teaching your children realistic expectations of themselves and others. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. What is important is that we learn from our mistakes and try hard not to hurt others.

What about Instant Gratification?

Teach them to appreciate the simple things in life so that they will not expect to always get 'what they want' and to receive 'instant gratification' from material things.


Optimism is a thought process that, when learned at a young age, will carry your child through life and help get them through some rough roads ahead!  

Let's give Mary Romero at big "THANK YOU."  We appreciate your wisdom, Mary. You know about kids and you know about character.

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Parents, now it's your turn to share the spotlight. What are your suggestions for helping your kids become optimistic? Please answer in the comment link below.

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One more thing, here's a strategy to help your children turn negative thoughts into positive attitudes.

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The Thought-Stopping Kit ~ Helps Your Child Change Any Negative Attitude and Become A Positive Thinker!

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