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    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Thanks for your clarification and insight, Rick.

    Would another word for genius, guiding, or guardian spirit be, inner guide.

    If so, I like that too.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Rick Ackerly

    Thank you, so much Tracy for getting this message out. I am actually trying to distance the word genius from it's modern association with talent to its original meaning of the "guiding, guardian spirit" of a person. When God said to Moses "You will lead my people out of slavery," Moses response was something like, "What me, God? THat's crazy. You KNOW I have a speech impediment. Moses genius was a little oblivious of strengths and weaknesses. We all are drawn into challenges for which challenge our weaknesses as well as our strengths.
    Thank you, again. I am glad you like the book.

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