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How Parents Promote Their Child's Talent

If you're a parent, please recognize there's a genius in your child. Our parenting expert and author of the book, The Genius in Every Child, Rick Ackerly, will share how self-esteem is a function of enthusiastic struggle. In this struggle you'll find the 3 top ways to promote your child's success. I'll share my ideas too.

Our expert, Rick, tell us there is a part of the self that says, "Go for it!"

Kids like adults get engaged only to find life is like a bumper car. Some of our efforts succeed easily, some fail, and others are trials and errors we move past.

"Genius is still understood to be "an unusual gift or talent."

Many times our interests points to our talent. Find out what interests your child and you might discover his special talent. So what are the 3 ways to promote success and self-esteem?

1. Motivation that Encourages Self-Esteem

Rick Ackerly says motivation comes first. Our inner interest helps us to "Give it a try."

As the parent, you can encourage your child to try new activities. This exposure might lead to his talents because you provided the opportunities. When he tries, struggles, and senses the good feeling of motivation, his self-esteem gets a boost too.

2. Get Down to Work

Any genius can be naturally good at something but without the struggle of applying himself he won't go far. Discuss with your child the fact that to become good at anything takes practice.

Even if your child has a gift for music he must practice to be good at it. He might not like practicing. But his self-esteem may rise after he completes the practice, especially if he knows he improved.

3. Keep Focusing on the Strength

If you give positive, specific, and true (PST) praise when focusing on your child's strength, you will help your child unfold his inner genius.

For example, you might say to your child, "You practiced well and I followed the tune perfectly." Was this praise positive, specific, and (hopefully) true?

Parents who criticize, lecture, or yell may dampen the very genius they wish to promote.

To bring out the genius in your child remember these 3 keys: motivate, work, focus on strengths.


These ideas flowed from reading pages 111- 112 in Rick Ackerly's book. I like Rick's definition of genius and how it relates to self-esteem. Do you agree that motivation, getting down to work, and focusing on your child's strengths can help bring out his genius?

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