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    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Hi KC,

    What a wonderful self-talk statement parents could tell themselves: "I am the parent!"

    With that thought, turning off the TV could be easier even if the parent faces upset kids.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    KC @ genxfinance

    You are the parent, you can always turn off the TV if you think they had too much already.

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Hi Dr. Par,

    You're welcome. I'm proud to support your important book, Messengers in Denim.

    Thank you for reviewing the medical literature and research about the effects of TV on children. Your information is priceless.

    With warm wishes,

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Par Donahue, M.D.

    Thank you Jean for this post and for all you do for kids. Our society is so violent and I am convinced that much of this comes from kids watching so much violence on TV,movies, and video games.
    I so much appreciate you and what you do!

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