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    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Hi Annie,

    I think everyone who read about your student, felt empathy for her. Your advice was so caring and helpful. I appreciate your fine book, Teaching Kids To Be Good People. It's filled with great advice.


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Annie Fox

    My heart went out to this girl. She is dealing with so much adult responsibility! I hope my words of support helped her. Thank you, Jean, for posting this excerpt. It was an unusual letter for me to get, but I'm sure this teen isn't alone when it comes to doing her best to help out in a difficult situation. By shining a light on her I hoped to encourage others in similar situations. I also hoped that tweens and teens who get bent out of shape due to less "pressing" challenges, might read about this girl's reality and learn to be a little less demanding.

    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Hi Katherine,

    You're so right. We all need time to wind down, calm down, and say, "I did enough for today. I did my best."


    Jean Tracy, MSS

    Katherine Gordy Levine

    Helpful advice. So many struggle with so much. To the me time, I might suggesting setting an "End of Work" time. Caring and loving is a 24/7 job. However, even if it is only as one prepares for bed, one can say "Day's Work Done, it acknowledges strength.

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