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Gift for Motivating Kids with Confidence

If you'd like to motivate your child to avoid discouragement and keep trying, you'll like today's fun gift. It's a well-used parenting skill that really works.

The Failure

I recently spoke with a teenage girl and asked her, “How did you deal with your math grade?” Earlier she told me she had flunked it.

“I felt terrible,” she answered.

“Did you do anything about it?”

“I did.”

The 'Can-Do' Behavior

What she did and how she faced failure is the subject of today’s gift. It comes from something I do with my family and you can do it with yours. If you choose to use it, you’ll:

  1. Learn lots of wonderful information.
  2. Motivate your child to face failures.
  3. Encourage her to keep trying.
  4. Give her the right mindset for success and failure.
  5. Boost her self-confidence.

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