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7 Best Ways to Becoming Your Child's Confidant + YouTube

You CAN Become Your Child's Confidant!
You CAN Become Your Child's Confidant!

YOUR CHILD NEEDS YOU TO BE HER CONFIDANT.  She needs to be able to share her deepest thoughts and feelings with you. Why? Because thoughts rule! Coupled with feelings, thoughts drive kids to act.

Today I'll share a story about a fourteen-year-old who shot his classmates, how thoughts rule, and 7 easy steps to keeping your kids close.

First watch the short video below. It showcases an example of the 7 steps.

Second, go to the article explaining how to become your child's most loving and closest confidant in step-by-step detail.



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Read our full article with its 7 simple steps that share:

1. Listening to your child’s problem.

2. Empathizing with your child’s feelings.

3. Asking your child to solve the problem first.

4. Listening again.

5. Making a suggestion.

6. Encouraging your child to take action.

7. Checking back to hear the results.


Here's the article:

How to Become Your Child's Confidant which explains how to use the 7 practical steps in detail.



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You CAN become your child’s confidant!


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How to Be Your Child's Confidant - 7 Easy Steps + Video - See more at: http://www.kidsdiscuss.com/feature_article.asp?fa_id=172#sthash.1DUsBFU6.dpuf