How Parents Raise Kids with a Healthy Conscience - 5 Discussions
How Parents Raise Kids with Positive Mindsets - 5 Fun Activities

Parenting Honest Kids: 7 Top Benefits for Truthful Children

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Honest Discussions Help Kids Build


WHEN PARENTS DISCUSS THE VALUE OF TRUTHFULNESS, youngsters understand why honesty is so important. Most children have told lies and already know that lying causes pain. As the parent, you can remind your child of 3 painful problems they may have experienced.

3 Dishonesty Problems:

  1. Being distrusted
  2. Feeling guilty
  3. Worrying about being caught

Ask your child, "Can you think of more problems that telling a lie can cause?"

Today’s gift shares 7 positive outcomes when children tell the truth. Use them for your parent/child discussions too.

Sample Questions to Ask Your Child:

  1. Can you remember a time when you told the truth and it felt good?
  2. Do friends trust you? Why?
  3. Why does a clean conscience help you sleep?
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Honest Kids Sleep Well


Your Parenting Gift:

 Why not add it to your 3-hole binder to pull out and use again whenever you need it?

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