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Bully Checklist for Parents – 10 Warning Signs

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Your Child Can Stop Bullying!


IF YOU’RE THE PARENT OF A CHILD BULLY OR A BULLY-FOLLOWER AND YOU WANT TO BE SURE, open today’s parenting gift. It includes 10 bullying signs.

Yes, bullying has been around since people existed. Today it is not just calling someone a name. Child bullying includes using power to control another with insults, rumors, hitting, shoving, spitting, and tripping. Bullies reject their targets and ban them from their peer groups. Their intention is to hurt the other.

5 Steps to Changing Child Bullying Behavior:

1.  Acknowledge the truth. If you decide, “Yes, my child is a bully,” you are brave to admit it.

2. Increase your bravery by asking yourself, “Is anyone in my family modeling this behavior?”

3. Ask that member to stop the negative behavior. Remind that person your child is watching.

4. Discuss together better ways to model good behaviors that express your family values.

5. Use today’s bully checklist and chat about it's 10 points with your child.

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Find Out What Your Child Really Thinks


  5 Bully Discussion Tips with Today’s Checklist:

1. Model respectful behavior.

 2. Ask, don’t accuse.

3. Find out what he thinks about bullying.

4. Help him see that helping is better than hurting others.

5. Work together on an anti-bullying slogan for his self-talk. Hang back so most of the slogan is from him. Why?      Because if it’s from him, he’ll be more likely to use it.

Download your parenting gift by inserting code word, BULLYING here:


Bully Checklist 

Even if you don't need it now, consider putting it in your parenting binder. You might need it in the future. Then nip bullying in the bud.


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