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Teaching Your Bossy Child Leadership Skills

WHEN YOUR CHILD IS BOSSY, does he only care about getting his way? Perhaps he tells kids what to do or what to play. If so, he has the Bossy Kid Problem and you can help him change.

Bossy kids get rejected. It hurts your child and it probably hurts you too. Did you know you can turn your bossy child into a good leader?

Research tells us there are 7 leadership traits your child can learn. Imagine role-playing this one technique, active listening, with your youngster. Of course, you’d want to share these ideas first:

3 Facts Your Strong-Willed Child Needs to Know:

1. Kids care about themselves, their own ideas, and activities.

2. Children don’t want to hear you brag or tell them what to do.

3. When you ask questions and listen to them, it makes them feel good.

First Leadership Behavior - Listen Actively

Explain to your student, “After you ask another child about himself and he’s finished talking, prove you listened.” He may ask, “How?”

Tell him, “It’s easy. All you need to do is repeat the last part of the other child’s words. This helps the other kid remember where he left off and makes it easy for him to keep talking. He’ll love it.”

Role-Play Active Listening

Listen to your child. Repeat part of his last sentence. Listen some more. When he’s finished ask how he felt and then point out how you repeated some of his words and how he continued speaking. Next have him try it by listening to you.

Role-play until it becomes a habit in your home. It will help him practice this listening technique with others. Kids won’t call him, “Bossy.” He may even become a trusted leader because he cared about listening to them.

Watch this brief video, to get all 7 leadership tips for your child.


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